5+ Amazing ways to recycle or reuse old kurta or kurti to Blouse, Tops, Jackets

We all have so many old kurtis which were popular a few years back and we love them very much but sadly, they are out of trends. As time goes by we are too bored too wear them and also we wore them too many time.  Here  My point is simple trends have changed so do we, but we cannot just throw it out because we paid so much money for it.

What we can do is reuse them and make new outfits with it. Why not give yourself a new look by using your old clothes? wanna know what are they keep on reading. Let’s take a look few of the tricks / Hacks that you can apply to reuse your old kurtis

Make a Short Jacket out of your old short Kurtis

Why not make a jacket out of short kurti because short kurtis are out of trend and we can make a jacket out of it. Take your short kurti which you are not wearing and cut it through your waist, seam rips your kurta’s sleeves and then straight cut from the front middle of your kurti restitch your open seams, and your jacket from old kurti is ready to wear. You can wear this on jeans or on salwar kameez.

How to make Long jacket from old kurti

You can make this with long straight cut kurtis. Just take your handy scissors and cut from the middle front of kurti and restitch using needle and thread or glues the open seams that’s it to make long full sleeves. You can style this on jeans or lehenga choli or layered on dress and gowns.

You can make lehenga out of old Anarkalis

We all have anarkalis and mostly we buy it for parties and wedding occasions, so they were expensive Anarkali Kurti and we cannot just throw it away so, why not make a lehenga from the old anarkali. You can easily make lehenga by cutting from the bodice and extra fabric to lehenga. Your expensive altered lehenga is ready to wear in parties.

How to convert your OLD kurti into Blouse

You can use old kurti to make a blouse, you can use it to wear with lehenga or saree and the bottom part you can use it to make a skirt. There are so many different ideas that you use for the kurti you can make different patterns and style of blouse.

Make One peace out of knee-length kurti

For this, you need to sew the side cuts of kurti to make a dress. if you have flared kurti like anarkali then you can add extra fabric to the end of you kurti to make the knee length dress and you will get a gown. you can make a different style of dresses with different types of kurtis.

This where the few types of ways that can reuse the old kurti but you can also reuse the fabric as making bags, cushion cover, storage pouch, etc. For more tips on fashion, check must have dupattas in your wardrobe.

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