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5 Edgy Style of Kurtis designs for Eid

Kurtis for Eid is just like sheer-khurma for Eid, you just can’t resist having them.

After fasting for the entire month, Eid is a mandatory celebratory occasion for all. From men to women and kids, everyone feels happy with their souls. This bliss gets multiplied when you are wearing Designer Kurtis complimenting the celebrations.

So all the pretty girls out there, bring your favorite accessories together as you are about to explore the trending Kurti designs for Eid.

Latest Party Wear Kurtis for Eid

You need to create two different looks for Eid. One with the Party Wear Kurtis for Eid for evening gatherings and the second which you will be wearing all day long. Both demand a different shade of you and it is up to you how you steal the show!

Gone are the days when you need to flip the catalogs to find the trending Kurti designs. Check out the haute Kurtis styles for Eid & see if they meet with your Eid-Perfect look!

  1. Chanderi Silk Kurtis

The fabric which makes you feel comfortable with its richness of details is Chanderi Silk. Whether it showcases pleasing prints or the soberness of plain fabric, you will love to wrap yourself in Silk Kurtis.

As the occasion calls, it is everything you seek for the decently low-key fashion. You can go ahead and gift it to your mom on Eid.

chanderi silk kurti


  1. Heavy Embroidered Kurtis

The festive occasion calls for some traditional hints in the outfits. Heavy embroidery Kurtis is never out of style and they keep coming back in stunner patterns. Eid, the graceful occasion calls for a regal look and embroidered Kurtis is one of the best you can have in your festive wardrobe.

Choose from light to heavy embroidery work Kurtis and embrace the celebration vibes with an adorable version of yours.

heavy embroidery kurti


How should be an ideal Kurti for Eid?

Basically, no perfect look ever exists. It is you who must create it. Have a glance at the way Pakistanis style themselves. One and the only thing which you need to keep in mind while choosing Kurti style for Eid is that it should give Arabic hints. Kajal in your eyes, Passa in your hairstyle & heels, that’s a sassy addition for an Eid-Perfect look.


  1. Indo-Western Heavy Long Kurtis

The perfect blend of Indian ethics and western trends is the best combination you can put into implementation. Your favorite long Kurtis will oomph you here too. The charm of Indo-western Kurtis glam-up the festivities. You’ll look slim, tall and effortlessly beautiful in them, no matter what.

indo western long kurti styles

  1. Slit Gown Style Kurtis

The slit is the style which has emerged after a great thought process to make women feel like they are wearing a gown and Kurti at the same time. Choose from the spell-binding mid-rise to side-slit long-cut Kurtis which will attract all the attention you deserve.

slit style long kurti

  1. Simple & Elegant Kurtis

Heavy Dupatta is in great trend these days. To look at your timeless best, hand over the responsibility to the plain Floor-length Kurti. Bring your Jhoomar, Chand-Bali, and bangles-set out and let your magic flow while your dupatta is slaying the look already.

plain floor length kurti for eid

Plain Kurti styles are distinct and unique in their own ways. They keep the dressing sober and highlight your beauty. You can choose where you want to draw the attention, to your neckline, face-cut or your body line.

Besides these 5 Trending Kurtis for Eid, you can always count on Anarkali Kurtis. They are the evergreen styles and look so charming on little girls as well as ladies. One thing you can try this Eid is to go for a color-coded celebration.

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