Denim Kurtis for College

How to Style Denim Kurti / Kurta in 3 Different ways

Denim Kurtis has taken the world by storm with its classiness. It can be called a fashion revolution which is totally an innovation of our generation.

Denim material which is used to design Kurtis is soft and comfy and give you feels like you have adorned the bottom wear as your top.

The best thing about Denim Kurtas is that they are an all-season wear. You can choose it for spring, summer, fall as well as winter.

Denim is a Love that never fades & this holds very true with Designer Denim Kurtis. This does not mean that you don’t have colors to try. You will fall in love with our #paintme series. Go check out Black Kurtis, White Kurtis and more and do let us know which of them you liked most.


3 Style Tips for Denim Kurtis

Denim Kurtis, which are a lit choice for casual wear, is a bit different than other ethnic wear choices. Hence, you need to know how to rock your long denim kurti look just like you do with long cotton kurtis.

Here are the three tips which will help you carry the look like a pro when you are wearing Denim material kurtis.

Bottom-Wear Choices

Bring out all your bizarre bottom wear which you have been saving for ‘some other time’. Wear your Designer Kurti with printed leggings, denim jeggings, palazzo, dhoti-pants and anything you want. These Kurtas will look brilliant and amazing with even-toned denim too.

denim kurti with palazzo

The luxe designs of denim kurtis are also available when you get the ethnic feel with embellishments like embroideries. The colorful threads are responsible to bring charm to denim. So choose the bottom-wear accordingly and wisely to avoid being a fashion blunder.

embroidered denim kurtis


Style Tip: When you are wearing Denim Kurti with wash print or having any embellishment like laces on the hemline, then take a step-back and combine it with similar color bottom-wear.

Here is an instance.

denim kurti with lace


Wear it Like One-Piece

Long Denim Kurtis can be styled like a one-piece. Bring out your cow-girl shoes and be ready for the fashion adventure in the Long Kurti. Being available in different patterns and styles like any other kurtis, you can cherish them in a way you want.

one-piece denim kurtis


Accessorizing with Denim Kurtis

Accessorizing is the key inevitable. Don’t stuff yourself with heavy jewelry pieces. Keep it simple. You know that you are playing with the hipster look in Denim so keep the accessorizing minimal. Let your precious gold jewelry to rest and bring out that sunglasses. Studs will be a cool earring choice. What say?!

denim kurtis

When to Wear & When ‘Not’?

You must know that Denim is not for Weddings. They are for carefree casual looks. Pick them for your outings as it perfectly blends with your idea of looking different.

So, what are you waiting for? Check out the stunning denim kurtis as well as affordable Rayon Kurtis for casual wear too.

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