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Navratri Special Kurtis is in great demand as it marks the beginning of festivities in India.

Navratri, the festival of Goddesses is celebrated for 9 days. As the night sets in, men and women get indulged in the joy of dressing and playing garba throughout the night. Navratri has its special dress code in Gujarat.

The traditional dress which is adorned for Navratri is not a cup of tea for all. (It is a matter of investment). If you belong to the community who loves playing garba but want to keep it easy, Designer Kurtis for Navratri is here to take your heart away.

9 Navratri Special Kurtis for 2018

What’s different about Navratri Special Kurtis? They are an artwork and depict the elements which make them a better replacement to traditional Navratri outfits. Your dressing should reflect the touch of tradition and this is easily achieved with Jacket Kurtis.

What should you look for in Navratri Kurtas?

The thread and mirror-work Kurtas with pom-pom embellishments and more of such fine details make for charming Navratri looks. The light and bright color combinations are too cool. Having Kurtis which give similar hints will make you a diva for sure.

Here are some handpicked designer kurtis without which your Navratri wardrobe is incomplete.

Navratri Special Kurti-2

Navratri Special Kurti-3

Navratri Special Kurti-8

Designer Kurtis with Palazzo

Since it is a festival of 9 nights, you should have 9 differently amazing Kurtis in your wardrobe as well as accessories to accompany your gorgeousness.

Navratri Special Kurti-7

It does not matter whether you are playing street-garba or enjoying nights out at garba domes, you will definitely need a Kurti design which tunes with the ravishing festivities. The trend of wearing theme Kurtis is in full bloom. So, grab this opportunity and have some eye-treat kind of Kurtis for your group.

Navratri Special Kurti-5

Navratri Special Kurti-4

As you play garba, your sharp and edgy moves should get noticed and Anarkali Kurtis is very demanded in this season.

Navratri Special Kurti-1

Things to Keep in Mind:
  • You are going to dance your heart out during Navratri so you need to take extra care that you feel comfortable.
  • Choose Cotton Kurtis or Rayon Kurtis which are sweat-soaking fabrics. This will keep you going blissfully and without getting irritated from dress-material.
  • Take care that you are wearing a bit high bottom wear which doesn’t bother you during garba moves.
  • You may choose long Anarkali Kurti or straight-cut Kurti which allows you to play easily and experiment with your style at the same time.

Navratri Special Kurti-6

Navratri Special Kurti-9

For a change, you can try embellished or embroidered skirts or dhoti pants.

The popularity of Navratri has spread like fire and even western countries get into this joy. It’s the time to show your love for Kurtis and give cutting-edge glimpses that you are a pro at dressing with Kurtis, no matter what the occasion is.

Groove to the Garba beats with impeccable Navratri Special Kurtas. Shop them now!

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