plus size office wear kurti

Office kurtis Designs for Plus Size Women

Plus size office wear kurtis are savage for Indian ladies.

Many of the office cultures are liberate enough to allow Indian wear as office wear outfits rather than formal dresses. So, if you are working in one of such firms, you should feel lucky, eh?

To be honest, plus size kurtis are brilliant outfit choices because they make you feel comfortable and stylish at the same time. Plus, you can also wear the bottoms which comfort you the most.

Here are some tricks and tips to style plus size kurta designs for fat ladies to look slimmer.

Wear Plus Size Office Kurtis like a Pro

Simple plus size office wear kurtis need a little thought to be put behind if you want to look slim in them. It is obvious that you want to look stylish even if you are having a heavy body and you cannot instantly go from chubby to sleek. But, you can definitely try hands on your wardrobe differently. Let us help you out with this.

  1. Pick Kurtis Smartly

To look slim, the rule of thumb is to keep your body shape in mind.

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Keep yourself away from body-hugging Kurtas because they just stick to your body shape and draws attention to the fatty areas. Always choose comfort-fit designer kurtis. A bit fitting of upper York and lose fitting of the rest part of Kurti will look sumptuous on you if your lower-body is heavy.



Style Tip: Choose loose-fitted Kurtas but don’t let it go too clingy. Keep it proportionate to your body.


Jump to Cotton Kurtis as they are the best choice for you as you are free to try denim as well as jeggings with them. It leaves you feeling least-bothered with your lower-body.


2. Play with Bottoms

Nobody knows your body better than you. Only you know if you will be more comfortable with palazzo, jeans, leggings or jeggings. For a moment, it is okay if you are not wearing an outfit according to trends. But, you should always keep your comfort at the core. Feel free to wear palazzo pants with Anarkali Kurtis or any of your office wear kurtis. You’ll feel home.



3. Go for Dark Colors

Colors have their own impact on the dressing. Keep in mind that dark colors are the foremost choices to give illusions of slim look, though you are not. Go for Dark Blue Kurtis, Black Kurtis and any of the shades from the color palette which is bold and dark.


4. To-the-Point Accessorizing

Avoid wearing too many accessories. Keep it to-the-point. Wear lightweight jewellery only. Studs and pendants are go-to accessories for office wear.


5. Be Careful with Footwear too

You already know what comforts you best. So, no need to go an extra mile and wear footwear which hinders throughout your day. Choose to wear bellies over heels. However, the rest depends on your choice.



If you want to cart some fashionable Kurtis, why not now! Check them out.

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