Plus size Kurta Designs for Fat ladies

Latest Plus size Kurti Designs for Fat ladies to Look Slim & Tall

Latest Plus Size Kurtis Designs for Fat Lady is no more a dream. Gone are the days when this beautiful Indian outfit was available in limited readymade options.

If you are one of those pretty plus size or cute curvy women, don’t worry, some amazing styling tips are coming your way.

Plus Size Kurta designs for fat ladies are the most comforting and volatile fashion wear they love to wear casually, at office and parties too.

These are not enough reasons to fall in love with the ethnic style, women are also fond of BIBA plus size Kurtis. What is your take?

5 Tips to wear plus size Kurtis like a Pro

Sometimes you have things in front of you still you need a kicking boost to make things fall into place. Now is the time to give a break to gymming thoughts and open your wardrobe to transform your look without going anywhere.

1) Keep your Body Shape in Mind

As everyone has a different body shape, first of all, you need to consider yours. Identify whether your body shape is Diamond, Hourglass, Apple, Rectangle, Pear, Inverted Triangle or Triangle. The portion which is heavier is a barrier to make you look fat and we need to work upon it.

Since there is a Kurti for everyone, there is one for you too! Body shape is the first thing which you need to pay attention while you shopping big size women kurta.

Know your body shape

Body Shape

2) Long Cut Kurti Designs are your Bae

Long Cut Plus Size Kurti Designs generally have high cuts and are long in length. Their hemline reaches your calves and is also available as floor length Kurtis too. This means a major portion of your body is covered.

For women whose upper body is heavier than the lower portion, straight cut Kurti designs are the sassy choices.

Long Cut Kurtis for Fat ladies

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3) Keep Short Sleeves at the Bay

When one has a heavy body, arms are broad. In such cases, wearing short sleeves can make you feel quite uncomfortable and it might draw attention to your arm-width.

Relax if this is the case with you as you have brilliant options like three-fourth sleeves Kurtis & full sleeve Plus Size Kurtis designs to create your chic look in your own sweet way.

Style Tip: Roll-up Sleeves Kurtis will help you get a dapper look. Avoid wearing net sleeves as it will expose the arm, thus spoiling your entire look.

4) Designer Plus Size Anarkali Kurtis for Fat Ladies

Comfort styling never makes you feel awkward and Designer Plus size Anarkali Kurtis is heavenly creations here. Suiting every body shape, it fits in your closet as the most versatile outfit.

designer kurtis for plus size

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Hiding your heavy lower-body brilliantly, it also covers up your upper body gracefully. You will literally love yourself in any Anarkali Kurti you buy.

They are the hottest choices as casual, part wear & office wear plus size Kurtis as you don’t have to worry about arranging your ethnic wear all the time.

5) Make Wise Selection of Bottom Wear

The way you choose the bottom wear is the way you create a complete look. Kurti alone is not responsible to make you look slim and tall. You are already plus size so you should match the bottom wear accordingly.

When the legs are showing up in straight cut Plus Size Kurtis, you can wear palazzo instead of leggings & when you are wearing a Kurti design which covers up your body, leggings are in!

Style Tip: Avoid wearing jeans as they do nothing but make you feel even more uncomfortable.

Latest Plus Size Kurti Design 2020 for Fat Ladies

1. Front Cut Style Cotton Plus Size Kurti for Fat ladies

Front Cut Style Cotton Kurti for Fat ladies to Look Tall

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2. Dusty Pink & Red Floral Printed A-Line Plus Size Kurta

Dusty Pink & Red Floral Printed A-Line Kurta

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So this concludes some very useful tips when you have a cloud of questions in mind like “What to wear to look slim and tall?” Also check out Heavy Designer Kurtis for Marriage which includes your kind of comfort fashion Plus Size Kurti designs for fancy wedding looks. Enjoy Kurta styling!

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