Chic Shirt Kurtis: Blend of Ethnic and Formal

Shirt Kurtis can be said as an Indo-Western outfit. As this Kurti style resembles both – a shirt and a kurta, it smartly makes an outfit that is ethnic and formal.

Long shirt style kurtis are the hottest choices as office wear. It gives a classic look as it can be paired with denim, just like you team your shirts and other formal outfits.

One more thing to notice here is that it is available in different patterns – long and short. Also, it has cuts and often showcases embroideries and fabric patterns which make Designer Kurtis prettier than ever.

Refined Shirt Type Kurtis for Ladies

Shirt-type kurtis for ladies are a very attractive piece of an outfit. Gracing women of all ages and body types, it is available in a multitude of colors and patterns.

Wearing a shirt kurtis is an art. You can play with the hemlines and collars. Just like any other kurti in your wardrobe, you can have it in a variety of patterns too.

They are also available as cold shoulder kurtis.

checks shirt kurti

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You can also call them new pattern kurtis as they are very creative ones. Many of them have split styles. They also have pockets like your shirts.

The impressive sleeve patterns and modern art embroideries are ‘Oh-So-Cool’.

blue shirt kurti

Tribal prints attractive fruit prints and even quotes are tried these days on shirt kurtis. If you are fond of wearing quote tees then why don’t you bring your art forward?

plain shirt-style kurti

Buy a plain shirt kurti and have an inspirational quote embossed with thread on its back.

full sleeve shirt kurti

Wear Long Shirt Style Kurtis with ripped jeans and sneakers. Let your hair play with the breeze.

Accessorize the minimum and see the chic look you create. Don’t forget to add up to this look with sunglasses for a picture-perfect look.

plain shirt kurti

Though they are considered formal and casual kurtis, your current mood can decide which shirt-style kurti design will make your day.

Digital Printed Shirt kurtis

For a fun mood, pick a cold shoulder one but if you are wearing it for your office or interviews then don’t go overboard. Keep it to the point with sophisticated hemlines, prints, or plain ones. Choose your bottom wear accordingly.

white shirt kurti

Did this just mean that you have shirt-style kurti designs for all occasions? Well, Yes! You do have one.

Meanwhile, have a look at opulent Cotton Kurtis which we have for you. You’ll be exploring a range of affordable and impressive new pattern kurtis that you have been looking for.

Do share your views about the perfect shirt kurti look.

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